Outsourcing lathing, milling and boring

Our group of machines for handling outsourced lathing, milling and boring is modern and suitable for wide range of jobs.

For lathing work the factory has two CNC slant-bed lathes both provided with a heavy-duty turret. This enables reduction of the throughput time for the product to be lathed.

The 5 axes and 4 axes CNC machining centre with pallet changer provides an excellent combination of lathing and milling operations. As well as this machining equipment there is also another large carousel lathe on which larger dimension products can be machined.

FAB is capable for production in various sizes and from small series to serial production:

- 5 axes and 4 axes CNC machining centre with pallet changer
- CNC lathes, Φ720 x 3.000mm
- CNC milling machines, machining centre: 1.800 x 900 x 900mm
- Carousel lathe, Φ2.500 x 1.500mm

Outsourcing construction work

Additionally we are equipped with welding machines (automatic and manually), drilling machines, hydraulic presses for all kind of construction work.
Powder coating and painting can also be done in FAB.

Supplying your own copper, steel, aluminium, brass and stainless steel materials

In case you wish to supply yourself the material to be machined by lathe, mill and/or boring, then FAB can pick up the material and return finished parts.

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